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The longest-tenured Irish

punk band is undoubtedly Stiff Little Fingers – who have been bashing and thrashing since 1977. And the double-disc set, Live at Rockpalast 1980/1989 – released on June 25, 2021 – shows that the band remained a vital live band (and also, stayed true to their roots) throughout the ‘80s, despite a five-year hiatus smack dab in the middle of the decade.


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“Barbed Wire Love”: 


“Alternative Ulster”: 


Singer/guitarist Jake Burns has been the band’s leader since their inception – with bassist Ali McMordie standing right alongside Jake most of the time – which saw Stiff Little Fingers being a part of the first-wave of Euro punk bands, which included the lofty likes of the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Damned, the Buzzcocks, the Jam, etc. And in the process, Stiff Little Fingers issued such classic punk LP’s as Inflammable MaterialNobody’s Heroes, and Go for It, plus the punk anthems “Alternative Ulster,” “Suspect Device,” and “At the Edge.”


Comprised of a total of three discs, Live at Rockpalast 1980/1989 will certainly satisfy both your audio and visual needs – the first two discs are audio-only, featuring the 1980 and 1989 performances, while the third disc is a DVD of the group’s classic 1980 appearance on Germany’s long-running music show.


And the performance remains memorable all these years later for the band, as Jake recalls:


“We were all well aware of what a great show Rockpalast was, having seen quite a few while touring in Europe, so we were delighted to be asked to appear. We got there a day early and went to the venue as our friends, UFO, were playing. It was a great insight into the audience’s perspective. And a little bit daunting as we hadn’t realized how big the auditorium was!


However, we needn’t have worried as the next evening the place was packed and the audience were with us from the first note. They were wonderful, singing and bouncing along. It really felt like a “home game” to use a football analogy. I thought we played really well too, apart from a slight timing mistake during “Back to Front”, a new song we were still learning. (See if you can spot my giving Jim the “look of death” at that point! LOL!)


We rounded the night off in our hotel bar with another bunch of friends, The Jam, who were also on the bill. It’s a show and audience I remember with great affection. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the Rockpalast story.”


With Live at Rockpalast 1980/1989, Stiff Little Fingers fans now have the ultimate live document of the band at their in-concert peak.



CD1 & DVD – live @ Westfalenhalle, Dortmund / Germany, 30th November 1980

1.    Nobody’s hero                                          06:12
2.    Barbed wire love                                      03:35
3.    Wait and see                                             04:27
4.    Gotta gettaway                                         03:36
5.    Johnny was                                               09:24
6.    Back to front                                             03:08
7.    Fly the flag                                                03:26
8.    Alternative ulster                                      03:35
9.    No change                                                 02:09
10. Mr. fire coal-man                                      04:42
11. At the edge                                               02:40
12. Wasted life                                                04:47
13. Tin soldiers                                                05:38
14. Suspect device                                         02:34

 Total CD1/DVD: 59:53 min.

Tracklist CD2 – live @ Philipshalle, Düsseldorf / Germany, 28th November 1989

15. Alternative ulster                                      03:16
16. Gotta get away                                         04:08
17. Silver lining                                                03:49
18. Wasted life                                                03:30
19. Listen                                                         04:10
20. Wild rover                                                  02:50
21. Barbed wire love                                      04:46
22. Fly the flag                                                04:42
23. Tin soldiers                                                08:10

Total CD2: 39:21 min.



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