Singer Ces has announced not only a live showcase that is free to the public, but also, new music, as well. On February 20th, Ces will be performing a showcase at Gullifty’s Underground (located at 1104 Carlisle Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011 –, from 8:30-8:50pm.

And at the showcase, songs from her new EP, produced by David Ivory (The Roots/Halestorm) and available on Flexitone Records – which features the single “No Love” (available on iTunes at – will be performed as well. “This EP means a lot to me,” says Ces. “It’s the most important thing I’ve invested in so far in this average life of mine. Everything I feel I channel it all into music, my music, and I can express myself, my way, by writing and recording all of my deepest emotions.”

Comprised of five tracks, Ces explains what she loves about each song. “‘No Love’ is definitely the party song. It puts me in the best mood every time it comes on in my car and pumps up my girls whenever we go out. ‘Jungle’ was THE most fun song to write and record. I wanted to create a song that just made me feel like the boss and low and behold, it completely does. ‘Shake It’ is the type of song you hear and you automatically bob your head to. I call it ‘the slow jam.’ It has a slower beat but it’s still happy and groovy.”

“‘The Same’ was a bunch of thoughts I had written down about a break up that I was going through at the time. I really opened up writing this song and just completely put my heart on my sleeve, it felt great. ‘Inside My Mind’ is the ‘trippy’ version of your inner most insecure thoughts in life. Whether or not things are going good or bad for you, you’re always safer when you’re in your own head.”

If you live near the town of Harrisburg, February 20th is shaping up to be a great night to hear one of pop’s most talented up and coming singers, Ces. Come on down!


1) No Love

2) Jungle

3) The Same

4) Shake It

5) Inside My Mind